Welcome to the Church of God
The Mount Forest House Church

In Fellowship with Churches of God worldwide
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House Church
Planted on 6th June 2010, the Church meets locally as a home church for:
  • Worship and Remembrance - Every Sunday at 10:00am
    - meeting throughout the week for fellowship
  • Prayer for what matters - Every Wednesday at 7:30pm
  • Food for Men - Bi-weekly men's Bible study on Monday evenings
  • Bible Explorers - For 5-10 yr old children, every Friday at 6:30pm in the Library Basement!!!
  • Women's Bible study - First Monday morning each month
  • Food & Friendship - (Free) soup and bagel lunch in the Library Basement (check Library notice board for dates/times)

What's New:

Coming soon:
  • FASTFood for Youth; Jam and Bread (Music and Bible challenge)

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